About Us

 A mouse is for gaming”

Mrs C. M., Teacher

Let me introduce you to the Philips MSX 2, dating from 1986. It is the first computer I was lucky enough to touch at the age of 10, and it is thanks to it (and to my father) that I took my first (small) steps into the world of new technologies.

A few months later, I attended my first introductory computer course at school.

When the teacher asked us who had a computer at home, I was extremely proud to be able to tell her that we had one and that he had a mouse as well! (which the school's computers did not have).

I was so surprised to hear her answer that a mouse was useless, and that it was only for gaming...

I remember that day as if it were yesterday, so much so that answer didn't resonate in me. I was so convinced of the contrary.

As time goes by, I take the opportunity to devour all the computer magazines I can find and learn a little more every day.

And that's how, in the mid-90's, still as curious as ever, I took advantage of every break from school to visit the local PC assembler. We were in the middle of the PC revolution! The first Windows had just come out!

I spent so much time there that Henri the owner suggested I come and work there. That's when I realised the importance of knowing how to listen to a customer, understand his problems, provide him with a solution adapted to his needs, while acquiring more and more technical knowledge.

Fundamentally, these founding principles have not changed. This thirst to learn is still as strong as ever, and still allows me to provide you with a clear vision of your technological choices, for today and especially tomorrow.